Drivers for Change is a registered charity.

Our mission is to inspire young people from diverse backgrounds to be creative and entrepreneurial and to take ownership of driving change in their communities.

Our goal is to create a dynamic and diverse network of young leaders, who are inspired and equipped with the tools they need to achieve their potential impact.


A journey to creative social action






Inspired by the world's biggest enterprise train journey!

Drivers for Change is inspired by the world's biggest enterprise journey; Jagriti Yatra in India. Now in its tenth year, Jagritri Yatra has taken over 3,000 young people on a 14-day tour of India and has been the catalyst for a number of innovative social action projects.

Having previously contributed to Jagriti Yatra as facilitators, speakers and guests the team behind Drivers for Change are now passionate about bringing elements of this unique journey to the UK.

Although some of the logistical elements are not transferrable (our national rail doesn’t have quite as many miles of track as India’s!) we hope to replicate the far-reaching social impact of Jagriti Yatra over many years.


Jagriti Yatra

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