Drivers for Change supports young people to create the change they want to see in their communities.

Too often we rush to solutions without taking the time to fully understand why problems occur and persist. Our unique program is the antidote.

We take aspiring young leaders on a journey with the primary aim of building understanding of complex and deep-rooted social problems.

We meet community builders and social entrepreneurs from all corners of the UK and learn from them about existing approaches to driving change. We discuss failure as much as success. We challenge assumptions. We examine the systems we are part of and build our understanding of interdependencies and intersectional social challenges. Then, we start to imagine solutions that have the potential to positively disrupt the status quo.

"The most powerful and beautiful aspect of this program was the diversity of the group, the inclusion of the international participants was truly rewarding."

Samirah, Drivers for Change


Drivers for Change is inspired by the world's biggest enterprise journey: Jagriti Yatra in India. To date, the Yatra has taken over 3,000 young people on a 14-day tour of India and has been the catalyst for many social action projects and enterprises.

Having joined Jagriti Yatra as facilitators, speakers and guests, our founding team became inspired and wanted to bring elements of this unique journey to the UK - and that's how Drivers for Change was born.

We hope we can bring the transformative impact of the incredible Yatra journey to the UK.


"I know that every single person on the journey has the capability of changing the world for the better, and will do so, in their own communities and across the world."

Abi, Drivers for Change

We believe young people learn best through experience and that seeing is believing - once you see something yourself, you believe it to be true. Once it is true, it is possible.

Through this experience, young people build a deep understanding of what it takes to create lasting change. As the journey ends every young person has;

- new relationships formed through an intense shared experience with people from beyond their echo chambers
- an understanding of what it takes to begin solving sticky, systemic and complex social problems
- the skills and confidence to step up as leaders

We are a registered charity.