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Drivers for Change is a registered charity exploring how social enterprise, private business and the arts can come together to create place-based change in UK communities

This June 100 young leaders will come together to take part in a unique 11-day immersive learning journey - the first of its kind in the UK! We'll visit 8 towns and cities across the UK and meet inspiring role models - entrepreneurs, activists, community organisers and artists - that are working to make their communities thrive. These inspirational visits will be coupled with a leadership and enterprise skills programme and each participant will also receive practical advice and support to create their own social action or enterprise plan

By exploring innovative practice and developing skills, the participants will gain a greater understanding of how they can create social impact within their own communities


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Unique journey

Who is the journey for?




Drivers for Change is for young leaders, aimed at those aged 18-26. We are looking for creative and/or entrepreneurial individuals with a passion for community led social change.

80 of the participants will come from across the UK, and thanks to the support of British Council a further 20 will come from overseas.

Inspired by the world's biggest enterprise train journey!

Drivers for Change is inspired by the world's biggest enterprise journey; Jagriti Yatra in India. Now in its tenth year, Jagritri Yatra has taken over 3,000 young people on a 14-day tour of India and has been the catalyst for a number of innovative social action projects.

Having previously contributed to Jagriti Yatra as facilitators, speakers and guests the team behind Drivers for Change are now passionate about bringing elements of this unique journey to the UK.

Although some of the logistical elements are not transferrable - our national rail doesn’t have quite as many miles of track as India’s! - we hope to capture the vibrant atmosphere of Jagriti Yatra and aspire to replicating its far reaching social impact.

Jagriti Yatra

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