An open Letter to the first Drivers for Change cohort

To the Participants of the first Drivers for Change Journey,

Rewati from Jagriti Yatra team
Raj, Rewati and Shashank - the founding team of Jagriti Yatra

I can’t tell you how excited  I am that Drivers for Change is embarking on its pioneering journey!  This program is inspired by the Indian Jagriti Yatra which I have been involved in curating for the last 10 years. In fact, although the Jagriti Yatra was designed for India, much of the program was developed in London, and so in a sense, it has come full circle or perhaps it is growing as an ever-widening spiral. In any case, to see the soul of Jagriti Yatra reborn in a whole new avatar in the UK, my second home, is wonderfully fulfilling.

So, what can I say to the pioneering participants of Drivers for Change? First, Congratulations!  This is a fantastic opportunity and you have done well to be selected for it.  And second, Good Luck! It’s going to be one heck of a ride!

A few thoughts come to mind as I imagine you preparing for this momentous journey:

Remember to unpack your minds as you pack your bags.

We all carry the invisible burden of prejudices and misinformation, gathered over the years. Now is the time to set that burden aside and move ahead with lightness and optimism; to engage with people and experiences afresh, without judgement.

Journeys allow us to re-invent ourselves. We can shed the roles we have become accustomed to playing as sons, daughters, employees, partners, bosses, students, teachers, and we can just be who we are, at our very core. This can be so liberating!

The DFC organising team has done a terrific job of framing this journey but you will be co-creating it as it unfolds, in real time. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to thrive in it.

Life doesn’t follow a plan and the ability to deal with uncertainty is a vital skill. Some of the toughest moments of the journey can create the most memorable moments and deepest learnings, so don’t fear them.

This will be an intense journey -  you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, physically and emotionally. So rest well, exercise and eat properly, and save some quiet time for reflection. This may sound boring but it is critical if you are to make the most of the experience.

Ask lots of questions, engage with people you wouldn’t normally connect with, but most of all remember to have fun!

You are going to discover the UK through the lens of creative arts and enterprise but more importantly, you are probably going to discover a different “you”.

Along with the hectic travel, there is a quieter inner journey - a churning of ideas and beliefs, a learning and unlearning that can yield moments of deep insight, acute sadness, and utter joy. This churning can fundamentally shift your understanding of yourself and your purpose in life.

So finally, I wish you in Cavafy’s words “Hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery”

I look forward to hearing your stories when you are back.

With love and best wishes,

Rewati Prabhu

Founding Team and Advisory Board Member - Jagriti Yatra

Architect- Urban Planner, Executive Director Cities, Pell Frischmann.

Rewati and the Jagriti Yatra team

The first ever Drivers for Change journey will take part from 21st June - 2nd July 2018. You can follow the journey on Instagram and Twitter by following the hashtag #DfCJourney. 

Drivers for Change is inspired by the world's biggest enterprise journey; Jagriti Yatra in India. Now in its tenth year, Jagritri Yatra has taken over 3,000 young people on a 14-day tour of India and has been the catalyst for a number of innovative social action projects.

Having previously contributed to Jagriti Yatra as facilitators, speakers and guests the team behind Drivers for Change are now passionate about bringing elements of this unique journey to the UK. We are grateful to Rewati and other members of the Jagriti Yatra team for sharing their insights and knowledge with us to help us make our first journey as good as it can be.