Change starts with the first step

Every time I tell someone about Drivers for Change, they always ask what is it and why am I participating? (Along with a million other questions!) Which is normal because when I first saw this opportunity even I was a little confused. It was something new and something I had NEVER heard of before.

I remember I saw the ad on Twitter and clicked on the website and saved it in my bookmarks and forgot about it. Because that’s what I do when I am interested in something new. Luckily, I came across it again on Twitter and then I knew I had to really look through what it was. When I looked through this time, I realised it was the perfect opportunity for me.

For years and years I have been volunteering for charities and raising money through different methods, but I feel that never made a huge difference. I would just volunteer for a few weeks or raise a bit of money and move on with my life. Whereas, Drivers for change is providing me with the opportunity to learn about social change and enterprises. How to set up one and make a difference with the causes I care about the most.

Nabeeda and a quote about why she wants to join Drivers for Change

When I realised that Drivers for Change wasn’t just a week or two-week volunteering programme but something that will help me create sustainable change, I knew it would be a step in the right direction. Another thing that pushed me to apply was the opportunity to meet other people. I feel change arises when you meet like-minded people to discuss ideas that matter. This journey will give me and the other people an opportunity to learn and develop our skills so that we are able to contribute to a better future.

Change arises when you meet like-minded people to discuss ideas that matter

There are so many things to learn and take away that I feel that I will be a different person when I come back. When I first applied, I was a little nervous because I can be quite introverted and the thought of meeting so many new people at once was a little scary. But I knew saying no to an opportunity like this is something I would regret – meeting people can be scary, but this would be the chance to get out of my shell and do something that’s different. I stepped out of my comfort zone and made that application.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

When I received my offer, I was again a little scared and nearly ready to say no. The thing is when you want to say no and when you want to say yes, you will always come up with reasons to justify yourself, but the important thing is to make the RIGHT decision. After, a few discussions and research, I decided that the right answer was to go on this journey. I remember when I sent the email to confirm my place, I felt a sense of relief and that made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing.

Nabeeda, one of the participants of this year's Drivers for Change journey

Now I can’t wait to start the journey because I know it will be so exciting and full of adventures that I will remember and afterwards I’ll be able to start making the changes that I have always aspired to bring, but have never actually done because I never knew how to begin.

I aim to learn so much and I know it will push me out of my comfort zone. I will make many new friends on this journey and I will join a network of people who can reach out to each other when they are looking for inspiration or ideas!

I hope through this experience, I can go on to help others by teaching people what I have learnt because sometimes people miss out on opportunities like Drivers for Change but that doesn’t mean that they have to lose out completely. By passing on my knowledge, I can help others develop their ideas and make the most of the knowledge I have gained too.

Change starts with the first step and taking a place on this was mine…

Let’s see what the future and this journey holds for me and the 99 other people joining me!

Thank you to Nabeeda for writing this guest post.

You can follow her journey on Twitter at @worldofnabeeda