Our Mission

To inspire young people from diverse backgrounds to be creative and entrepreneurial and to take ownership of driving change in their communities.




“Drivers for Change was absolutely amazing. Nothing like any program I have attended. It definitely changed my life and the way I view social change. Having come from a non-profit organisation that was not sustainable it was everything I needed.

I learned so much from this program. I learned how to set up a social enterprise, finance it, market it, sustain it and also on how other young people are involved in incredible social enterprises.”

Karabo Mokgonyana, Johannesburg, Drivers for Change 2018 participant

We inspire, upskill and connect young people that are passionate about community-led social change.

 Impact data

We're in the process of gathering more impact data from the 2018 journey. We believe that we need to monitor the participant's progress over a 1-year period to see the real impact of the pilot project. However, our early feedback has been brilliant (check out some of our participant's happy tweets below!) and we have some initial stats back from the journey - keep reading!

We're keen to build on this initial data with additional information about what the participants go on to do in the next year as a result of taking part in the programme and joining the network. We continue to work closely with the group to support the development of them and their ideas. Our objective is to help each participant on an individual level and help them to map their own pathway. This means that success is defined by the group as each of them has their own way they want to create change. Roughly speaking, the mix of the group is one-third aspiring social entrepreneurs, one-third campaigners and issue champions and one-third social impact career starters.

Please check back soon for an update!

Headline stats


feel they will be a better leader as a direct result of taking part in Drivers for Change


feel their communication and storytelling skills improved because of the journey


agree or strongly agree that they will create a larger social impact because of Drivers for Change


agree or strongly agree to feeling more able to create lasting change


agree or strongly agree that their confidence in their leadership ability has grown because of Drivers for Change


feel that they are better equipped to become a purpose-driven leader

Stats taken from Akou Impact Report 2018.

Outside Westminster Abbey on our final day
Drivers for Change arrive in Liverpool
Drivers for Change visit Edinburgh
Working outside in York on Drivers for Change social enterprise projects

theory of change

Our theory of change explains how the journey provides skills, inspiration and networks.

We'll be measuring our impact along the way and once the journey is over we'll continue to measure our impact over a period of a year. This will give us a true understanding of what the lasting impact of the journey is on specific UK communities and the individuals that took part.