Our Mission:

To inspire young people to be creative and entrepreneurial, and to take ownership of driving change in their communities.




We live in a progressive and affluent country, yet we are facing many tough societal challenges including a rise in inequality and an increase in 'hollowed out' communities around the UK.

At the same time, millennials are regularly reported to place greater importance on having a sense of purpose in their careers, are more likely to start their own businesses and place a greater emphasis on how their actions impact on the wider world....

We want to bring these two things together and create place-based social change.


A journey to creative social action 

We want to inspire young people to develop projects that address community need. Across 11 days of project visits, workshops and talks we will explore how cross-sector collaboration can drive change.

100 change drivers

As a result of the journey the participants will return to their communities inspired to play their part in place-based social change. Some of the change drivers will go on to start new projects e.g. social enterprises, creating a network of youth led place-based social impact projects.

Community engagement 

At least three participants will come from each the locations we are visiting. We will also engage a further 100 young people at the journey stop locations, creating a ripple effect of inspiration and tangible links to social action opportunities.


theory of change

Our theory of change explains how we'll achieve the ambitious outcomes of this project.

We'll be measuring our impact along the way and once the journey is over we'll continue to measure our impact over a period of a year. This will give us a true understanding of what the lasting impact of the journey is on specific UK communities.