Out of the office and onto the bus

Hi my names George and I’m currently an Associate in the Inclusion, Community and Wellbeing Team at PwC. On 21st June I’ll be undertaking a voluntary Facilitator role on the UK Drivers for Change programme. This is an 11-day journey that aims to inspire 100 young leaders aged 18-26 to be creative and entrepreneurial, and to take ownership of driving change in their communities. The journey will span eight different cities and is a unique opportunity to help form a diverse and inspiring network of young leaders across the globe who are motivated about creating social change.

George, a volunteer for facilitator for Drivers for Change who works with the project's main backer, PwC

One of the reasons I wanted to be part of this programme is because of the opportunity it offers to learn from people from all walks of life. Since the participants will be from all over the UK and overseas, this will be an opportunity to really understand how people from diverse backgrounds are currently initiating social change in the villages, towns and cities they come from. Being able to spend nearly two weeks with people that have completely different social entrepreneurial ideas and various passionate reasons for wanting to drive social change, is an opportunity that really resonated with my own passion of meeting like-minded people that want to make the world a better place.

Given that I live and work in London which can sometimes be its own little bubble, I’m really excited to see the different projects that are taking place outside of the capital city. We will visit many different places in a relatively short period of time, so I’m intrigued to see if there are any explicit similarities or stark contrasts between the places we visit in terms of how different people are attempting to drive positive change in their communities. While some of the cities we will visit have already adopted a particular method for enacting certain social change which the participants will learn about,  some areas are still deciding on the right route to take. Therefore it will be intriguing to see if some areas are able to offer practical guidance to other areas in terms of how they should go about unleashing positive change in their communities. It will also be particularly interesting to see how the participants react to different projects around the UK and which ones they are most enthusiastic about and feel most energised by.

I am also really excited about the personal development opportunity that Drivers for Change will offer its participants. For some, this will be their first time away from home or the first time that they have visited certain parts of the country or come across certain ideas about business and social change. Hence it will be insightful to witness first-hand the inevitable self-growth that will occur in everyone involved in such a dynamic project. Having taken part in similar programmes myself, I know the impact these programmes can have on people not only during the time that it takes place, but the incremental change in behaviours and attitudes it can generate over a much longer period of time.

It should be a really engaging programme and I cannot wait to meet everyone and visit all the different places across the UK which I’m sure will offer so much inspiration to our participants. While the intense nature of the programme is bound to throw up some inevitable challenges along the way, I’m hoping to see these as different opportunities to learn and grow myself, all of which should contribute to making Drivers for Change an absolutely fantastic programme to be a part of.

Thanks to George for writing this blog for us. He is planning to write about his experience during and after the journey too and we look forward to sharing his updates along the way. To stay up to date with our journey, you can follow the twists and turns on social media at #DfCJourney.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey George! Hope the participants and facilitators enjoy this amazing experience!

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