We're looking for 100 creative and/or entrepreneurial young people to take part in the first ever Drivers for Change journey in June 2018. Applicants should be ideally 18-26 years old this June, hungry to learn and motivated to create change.

The 11-day journey will visit towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales, visiting a total of 8 locations. Along the way we’ll visit and learn from community organisers, artists and entrepreneurs who are already driving place-based change.

80 participants will be currently living in the UK and a further 20 will come from overseas, thanks to the help of the British Council. Successful applicants are ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial, with a passion for community led change.

Application form

Apply here if you are a UK based applicant. We are particularly looking for more applicants from Bristol, Port Talbot and Weston-super-Mare. 


Build connections with like-minded creative and entrepreneurial people from the UK and overseas.


Explore innovative approaches to social change that are already having an impact around the UK. 


Gain a greater understanding of how you can create social impact in your own community. 

Find out more and apply

You can read more about the journey below including: the route, dates, what's included and what you'll get out of the experience. We suggest that you read all of this information before submitting an application form. 

How can I get involved?

UK applicants

There are still places available on the journey for applicants living in Bristol, Port Talbot and Weston-super-Mare. If you live outside of these areas, you can apply to join our waiting list. Applicants on the waiting list will be considered if another participant withdraws from the programme. 

The selection of participants will be made solely on the submitted application forms we receive so please make sure you answer all of the questions fully - there are tips in the form that will help you to fill it in. Please answer at least one of the questions using a video.

Overseas applicants

Applications for the 20 overseas places sponsored by British Council have now closed.



Apply to be one of the change drivers in June 2018!

Please note that you cannot save the form once you start, so we advise writing out your answers in a word doc and pasting them into the form once you're happy with them. Good luck!

more details

Where is the journey going?

The 11-day journey will start in Liverpool before heading to Bradford, Edinburgh, Sunderland, Birmingham, Port Talbot, Weston-Super-Mare and London. 

What is your application criteria?

We are looking for candidates that are ideally 18- 26 years old in June 2018. We are also looking for:

  • Enthusiastic and passionate young people with demonstrable experience of social action (examples of social action include: fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. This could be via school, college, uni, a charity or community/faith group).
  • Creative and/or entrepreneurial.
  • Want to make a difference in the world but need improved networks, skills and focus to achieve their potential impact.

Where are you staying?

We are staying one or two nights at each location. The accommodation is going to be a mix of University halls and YHA youth hostels. Participants will be expected to share a room with at least one other person.

This is all part of the experience and we hope it'll help everyone develop friendships (sleeping in bunk beds on a train certainly gets everyone close on Jagriti Yatra!).

How are you travelling? 

As you might have guessed from our logo, we'll be taking the bus. We researched lots of different options and buses are the most cost-effective and efficient way of travelling our planned route. The longest journey on our route is scheduled to be six hours and we will be providing entertainment - e.g. suggested podcasts and activities you can do in pairs during travel time - as part of the Drivers for Change programme.

What will I get from the journey?

This is a unique experience and what each participant will get out will depend on what they put in. We ask you to come with an eagerness to learn from your peers and a willingness to participate enthusiastically in all elements of the learning programme; this will be vital to you getting maximum value from the experience.

Our commitment is that by taking part in Drivers for Change you will:

  • Build your network and create connections with like-minded creative and entrepreneurial people from different backgrounds.
  • Receive practical advice on how to develop a social enterprise, business or arts project.
  • Be inspired by and connected to social leaders from across the UK.
  • Get ongoing access to a peer skills exchange.
  • Access mentoring opportunities.
  • Receive access and signposting to seed funding opportunities.
  • Get support to promote your social enterprise, business or project.
  • Develop your understanding of a diverse range of social challenges around the UK.
  • Meet international participants, sponsored by British Council, from countries including Indonesia, Pakistan and Brazil and learn about the social challenges in those communities.

When is the journey?

The journey is planned to take place on Thursday 21st June - Monday 2nd July 2018. Accommodation is included for these 11 nights. You must be able to participate in the whole journey to take part.

I live outside of the UK, can I apply? 

We are partnering with the British Council’s DICE (Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies) programme which is running in Egypt, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and South Africa. We are excited to be able to invite 4 participants from each of the 5 countries to attend the programme. The DICE programme takes an innovative cross-sectoral approach that draws on the UK’s experience and expertise in creative and social economies to promote and support the progress on the Sustainable Development goals. Please note that the deadline for overseas applicants has now passed.

What does it cost to take part?

We're a registered charity and are working with partners to cover the majority of the costs for the journey, however, we're asking that applicants commit to fundraising a £250 contribution towards their place. This is 12.5% of the actual £2,000 per-person cost of the experience. These costs include 11 nights of accommodation, all of the planning, travel, food and learning. We're committed to supporting applicants to achieve this challenge. 

We do also understand that for some people it may be impossible to do any fundraising before June, for this reason, we have a limited number of full bursary places available. 

What's not included?

Please note that you will need to cover the cost of your travel to Liverpool and home from London. Some travel bursaries will be available to help cover these costs, please get in touch if you'd like to know more about these.

Apply to take part

We're still looking for more applicants from Bristol, Port Talbot and Weston-super-Mare. If you live in one of these places, apply now for your chance to be one of the 100 change drivers.

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If you have a question that is not answered above please get in touch with the Drivers for Change team. We'll be happy to help you.

contribute to the journey

Would you like to help make Drivers for Change a success? We're looking for funders, speakers and facilitators. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how you can help.