Why we’re taking 100 young people on buses around the UK.

In June 2018 we’ll be taking 100 young people on buses around the UK.

“But why?” you ask.

Well, because we want to support young people to play an increased role in improving their communities and encourage the use of creative and entrepreneurial approaches to bring about change. I know we could do that without a bus, but there is some method in our madness…

The inspiration is Jagriti Yatra: an intensive 14-day enterprise programme for 500 young Indians hosted on an Indian train.

A personal learning journey for each of the participants, Jagriti Yatra brings about behavioural and thought level change by:

- Exposing participants to innovative practice
- Developing entrepreneurial skills
- Building networks
- Supporting the development of interpersonal skills

Over ten years they’ve taken 3,000+ young people on a learning journey that has been the catalyst for a number of innovative social action projects. It’s pretty impressive and inspirational stuff!

After joining Jagriti Yatra five times as a contributor, our founder and trustee Jude Kelly became passionate about replicating the project back in the UK. Over a period of two years she spoke to many people about the idea before eventually finding that Richard Collier-Keywood shared her vision.

A dynamic and somewhat unlikely duo, they then started to pull together a team of individuals and organisations dedicated to making the project a reality - and so here we are!

Our roots remain connected to Jagriti Yatra (50% of the team involved have been on the Indian train) but naturally the concept evolved and we’ve made a few customisations for home turf.

Jude and Richard’s contrasting backgrounds in the creative arts and business, and their shared passion for social enterprise, means that cross sector collaboration has emerged as a core principle of Drivers for Change. We strongly believe that responsible leadership must be present in all sectors for lasting change to be achieved, so our journey will equally champion responsible business, arts and social enterprise.

That said, we have no ambition to push young leaders down a particular path. Our aim is to support them to find their own way of contributing to changing their community and to provide them with the skills and networks they need to have the impact they desire; whether they’re an artist, entrepreneur, social entrepreneur or activist.

To achieve our mission of inspiring young people to be creative and entrepreneurial and to take ownership of driving change in their communities, our journey will have a strong place-based focus. By working with consortiums of organisations at each journey stop we’ll co-design impactful, engaging content that tells the story of each place’s challenges, innovative solutions and unique opportunities. (if you’d like to get involved with this please get in touch

Now a team of seven: Richard and Jude have been joined by Clare Dove, David Adair and Laura Collier-Keywood as trustees, and we have a team of two working on logistics, communications and project coordination.

After several years of talking about the idea, it is pretty exciting to finally say that our own UK journey is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. We are committed to working collaboratively and know that this project will need the support and input of many others to achieve its ambitions. If you’d like to get involved in anyway please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you:

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