The revolution will arrive on coaches 

A poem by Tilley Harris


The revolution will arrive on coaches

Keep your eyes on the horizon because that’s where new hope is

The troops will ride into town as if on horseback

Ready to tear up the power trap

Ready to give the people their power back

They are on a mission to disrupt current systems

and equally distribute value, wealth and well being for all mental health


Their only ask is that you are willing to investigate the self




Doing the work with the hope that collectively we can recreate a world that is truly fair


The revolution will arrive on coaches  

An army with tote bags filled with plans and new approaches

This globe maybe round but their world is flat

They don’t stand for any hierarchal crap


Each member is a leader

A dreamer

A believer

A doer, a maker

The ultimate risk takers

They will teach you how to listen

How to appreciate the unique gifts that you’ve been given

Their game plan isn’t just for survival it’s for living

Living your best life

And doing what is right for the global tribe


The revolution will arrive on coaches

This crew knows what doing the most is

They don’t just mean business

They are here to enterprise

Helping us to see with vision

Not just watch with our eyes


Get prepped

Get ready

Coming soon to a town near you




Yo’ ass about to get trained


Stand tall

Love hard

Stay strong and don’t be afraid

They are here to offer your community some hardcore first aid


The revolution is coming and it is coming on big assed buses

These guys will revolutionise what we think trust is

Surrender to this new world order

resistance is futile


These are the 99% reps and they will stop at nothing to win

You’ll know when the revolution arrives

Not by boat, train or plane


They will be driving through your neighbourhood

Driving for Change!

Thank you to Tilley for writing this poem and for joining us on the Drivers for Change journey as a facilitator.

We are also working with Tilley through her startup Akou to map our social impact and networks.