In the summer of 2018, we ran our first ever journey for 81 creative and entrepreneurial young people. The participants were 18-26 years old, hungry to learn and motivated to create change.

The journey took us to towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales. By bringing together people who might not normally meet and taking them to places they might not usually go, we created an intense and unique learning environment.

As we travelled from place to place, we explored the different issues facing UK communities and then looked at different innovative solutions to tackle these.

We then worked with the journey participants over the next 12-months to imagine their own solutions to the problems they care about.

All corners of the UK were represented on the journey. We were also joined by participants from Asia, Africa and South America, thanks to the help of the British Council.

This global network is now committed to driving change in their communities and we are continuing to work with them to help them turn their ideas into action!


Build connections with people from the UK and overseas who will challenge your perceptions and support you to grow.


Explore and be inspired by innovative approaches to social change that are already having an impact around the UK. 


Identify your purpose and prepare to create social impact in your own community. 

Who is the journey for?

We worked with young people (aged 18- 26) who also fulfil the following criteria:

- Have some experience of social action. Examples of social action include fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. This could be via school, uni, a charity or community or faith group

- Identify as creative and entrepreneurial

- Want to make a difference in the world but need improved networks, skills and focus to achieve their potential impact

inclusion commitment

Our aim is to represent the full breadth of society in the groups we work with. This means we want to include people from all backgrounds and of all abilities. A valuable part of the experience is spending time with people you might not normally meet and expanding your horizons.

It's important to us that participants are open-minded to socialise with and build relationships with people from a different background to themselves.

We are committed to making every possible adjustment to make our programme accessible.

Drivers for Change arrive in Liverpool

Support our next adventure

We'd love to repeat our successful pilot. Please get in touch if you could help make it happen!